Consumer Publications

Leveraging its skills in the custom publishing arena and based on the insight that the future success of media organizations would vest in the ability to build communities around special interest areas, Spenta entered the consumer publishing space in 2002. Spenta’s business model in this space is flexible and encompasses ownership, co-publishing and licensing.

Spenta's portfolio of consumer publications includes:

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HAIR, UK’s biggest-selling hair magazine is published in India by Spenta Multimedia under an exclusive licensing arrangement with Vitality Publishing, UK. The Indian edition is the only specialist magazine dedicated to hair and beauty for the consumer as well as the professional. Be it hair care, styles and trends or beauty industry news, views and reviews, HAIR has it all.

HAIR, a monthly magazine, has a print run of 65,000 copies.

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A little over a decade ago, Marwar was launched with the objective of highlighting the achievements, rich heritage and culture of India’s Marwari community. Today, Marwar has achieved more than its original objective with the magazine being recognised as one of India's leading lifestyle magazines.

With over 150 pages covering the high-powered, glamorous lifestyle of a successful community that is recognized for its entrepreneurial skills, diligence, tenacity, and for producing some of India 's most successful global corporate magnates, Marwar has a global reach and international appeal. Currently, the bi-monthly magazine has a circulation of over 50,000 and a readership of over 330,000 among the highly affluent and successful segment of Indian society and diaspora, mirroring the lifestyle reflected on the pages of the magazine.

In its eleven years, Marwar's growth has been marked by many milestones, including the highly successful Marwar Mega Wedding and Marwar Lifestyle Show, which are seen as natural extensions of the magazine's reflection of glamorous lifestyles.

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The Smart Manager
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The Smart Manager is India's first world-class management magazine with a mission to update its readers on the latest thought-provoking strategic ideas from experienced world-class managers, academics and consultants from across the globe. Ideas which are useful, well-researched and actionable, enabling the reader to produce results in an era of transition and disruptive technologies.

We aim to present implementable ideas for the world-class professional. Managers are the best teachers of managers, and The Smart Manager aims to capture insights from their experiences. The 'Smart' in The Smart Manager is an acronym for Strategy, Marketing, Analysis, Resources and Technology. Truly useful knowledge when you need it. 24 x 365. Year after year.

The Smart Manager's illustrious editorial advisory board comprises Kamini Banga, Lynda Gratton, Gay Haskins, Rajesh Jain, Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Ambi MG Parameswaran, NS Raghavan and Morgen Witzel.

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Domus, the Italian bilingual international magazine on architecture, art and design, is distributed abroad in 88 countries and also appears in Russian, Arab, Israeli, Chinese and now Indian editions.

With exciting content and rich visuals, Domus INDIA, a monthly magazine will track the latest architectural and artistic movements in the market for its readers.

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Spenta Multimedia is delighted to announce the launch of a new, high-end jewellery magazine targeted at high net worth consumers of jewellery and luxury jewelled accessories across India. The new magazine Adorn, will be a no-compromises, high quality offering, produced in a larger-than-normal format on imported art paper, rich with visuals and full of exciting content aimed at the jewellery consumer.

Adorn will fill a yawning gap in India for a well-brought-out jewellery magazine that connects with what the jewellery consumer really cares about. Adorn will feature the latest offerings from manufacturers and retailers. It will have themed photo spreads featuring top models wearing the best jewellery from across the country. It will cover red carpet events and what the who’s who is wearing in jewellery today. And much more...

Edited and produced by the core team that brings out Solitaire International, India’s premier B2B jewellery magazine for the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, Adorn will have the added advantage of knowledge when planning and presenting content. Appearing once every two months and with a planned initial run of 20,000 copies per edition, Adorn, in addition to being available on subscription and on sale at newsstands, will be distributed free to a database of high net worth individuals all over India. It forms the perfect vehicle to not only feature the best of the industry’s products, but also to get your commercial message out to a guaranteed readership of individuals who are established consumers of the gem and jewellery industry’s high-end and high fashion product. Adorn is the only consumer magazine of its kind in India.

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Liquid is a B2B bi-monthly magazine featuring bar, club and restaurant style. The stylish design and high quality of writing and photography make Liquid a distinctive voice in the Indian alcohol industry, showing that it has its pulse firmly on the global F&B scenario.

With a circulation of 34,000 copies distributed regularly to lounge bars, night clubs, top restaurants and five-star hotels, food and beverage buyers, interior designers, architects, as well as food and drink journalists throughout India’s major metros, Liquid is the single-most important medium to reach out to key people in the industry.

By advertising in Liquid, you can avail of the wonderful opportunity of reaching out to this audience.

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