Our History

Spenta Multimedia was established in April 1995 with the vision of tapping a hitherto unfulfilled need of the Indian publishing industry, namely, custom publishing for specialized and corporate needs. To fulfill this need, Spenta Multimedia set about building resources, which would enable it to offer its clients a complete publishing and printing solution, ranging from conceptualisation to editorial development, design, printing, distribution, marketing and advertisement sales.

Spenta Multimedia began with a single magazine — JetWings, the in-flight magazine for what is now India’s largest airline, Jet Airways. Today, Spenta Multimedia publishes 35 custom magazines across genres of travel, retail, lifestyle, beauty, finance and management. These magazines are targeted at communities of professionals, consumers, employees and retailers for purposes of employee and customer relationship management.

Spenta Multimedia’s success in the custom publishing field is largely due to the company’s belief that the custom publishing business is essentially about building and strengthening relationships. Which is why, Spenta Multimedia prefers to use the phrase Relationship Publishing. At Spenta Multimedia, this signifies more than just the relationship that each of its magazines enjoys with its readers. It also represents the relationships that Spenta Multimedia has built with its clients over the years by understanding their unique needs. This has led to Spenta growing into the position of India’s leading custom publisher.

Having established itself as a reputed player in the custom publishing and high-end printing space, Spenta Multimedia went on to expand into consumer publishing, book publishing, content generation and design, web design and web based solutions, commercial printing and event management and marketing. Spenta Multimedia’s expansion was based on the insight that the future success of media organisations would require them to build communities around special interest areas. This insight led to Spenta redefining its mission to focus on ‘special interest’ media.