Employee Speak

Dalzeen Minocher – Editorial

Spenta Multimedia has a wonderful work environment. The people are warm and friendly, making this place seem like home. The work is fun and challenging, and the pace at which we introduce new projects makes it a very exciting place to be.

Vidya Kishore - Editorial

So diverse are the editorial opportunities at Spenta that there's no place here for monotony. Each day, you don't know what might come your way. It's mostly exciting and always fulfilling.

Dhanusha Raman – Business Development

Spenta is a people-centric organisation where all employees are very approachable and communicative. At Spenta, potential matters more than experience and it also provides the thrill of working on a variety of challenging initiatives. My time at Spenta has been an enriching experience because I fortunately have been able to witness and learn the different stages of business within the organisation.

Puja Devare – Graphic Design

I am extremely pleased to be a part of Spenta. The exposure I have received is tremendous.

Ummehani Nulwala – Web Design

I have been a part of Spenta for more than five years now and it's been a very satisfying journey. I have worked on a variety of challenging projects thus enhancing my skills. My colleagues have been very encouraging and supportive, just like a family! My Online Team Rocks!!! :)

Jagdish Talreja – Events

At Spenta Multimedia, I have had the opportunity to work for a diverse range of events. This has accounted for a variety of enriching experiences and immense learning. The motivation to work harder comes from the ideologies set by the company. The mere vision to build more properties in the events category strengthens our will to push our boundaries and set greater goals.