Commercial Printing

With the growth of Spenta's custom publishing business, the company kept pace by continuously investing in in-house infrastructure and resources. This ongoing investment in the area of a printing facility soon resulted in not just a captive business (printing of its own publications) but also a second revenue stream for Spenta, namely, high-end printing jobs such as illustrated books, art catalogues, brochures, travel guides, and all other types of print collateral for the corporate world.

Spenta's press equipment includes a Heidelberg SM-102 8-colour, a SM -102 4-colour, a SM-102 2-colour, a SM-74 4-colour and a Screen Computer-to-Plate machine.

Binding has a Muller Martini Acoro A 5 automated perfect binding machine, 3 Stahl folding machines, pinning, punching & foiling, lamination and shrink wrapping machinery.

State-of-the-art equipment, experienced print managers and technicians, and high quality, cost effective printing! Spenta's value proposition in the printing arena is indeed designed to offer its domestic and international clients complete satisfaction.

Spenta’s printing facilities have undergone a huge expansion with the addition of a twin – Mitsubishi Diamond 16 Mac Eight (8) unit heat set web offset machine at its new 100,000 sq ft facility at Ambernath, Mumbai.